Pattern Options/Pricing

Our quilting is priced both by the size of your quilt and by the square inch for patterns. The prices range from $.02 to $.03 per square inch. These prices depend on how dense the quilting pattern is and how long it takes to quilt the pattern. We have some examples at each of the price points for you to peruse. With over 4,000 patterns to choose from, if you have an idea that you don’t see here, contact us and we can help you pick something perfect for your quilt! From spaceships to teddy bears, geometric or art deco, flowers or water, we’ll have an option that you’ll love.  We provide batting for your convenience at our wholesale price and charge by the square inch.

To estimate the price of your quilt, use this equation:

Quilt top dimensions – width ______ X  length ______ X Cost/sq inch

Then add:

Hobb’s 80/20 Batting: $.002 per square inch

Hobb’s Cotton Batting: $.0025 per square inch

We have a $40 minimum project fee.

Click on links below for pattern examples!

$.02 per square inch

$.025 per square inch

$.03 per square inch