Who We Are

We’re just a few textile obsessed ladies based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We love the mountains we live in and gather inspiration from the beautiful Colorado wilderness we see everyday. We use and love a lot of different textiles, but have embraced the joy that comes with completing a quilt. Whether for a bed, a baby, a loved one, or just to curl up under on the couch and read a good book, there is nothing like a present you can wrap up in. So take a look. Get to know us. Send us one of your lovely textile comforts.


Hello, I’m Mardeen. I am a seamstress from way back and sewing is one of my greatest passions! I love to make baby clothes and outfit my daughter for special events. As a quilter I enjoy all kinds of piecing and love how long arm quilting can really finish a quilt beautifully. Don’t worry, I’ll … Continue reading Mardeen


I’m Mari, and I’m a piecing machine! I’ve really jumped into the long arm game and love the results that I’m getting! I’m trying to see if I can beat my own personal record for how many quilts I can finish in a month. Care to join me? I’ll be sure to put the long … Continue reading Mari


Hi there! I’m Megan, an avid crafter. I’m a little bit new to this whole quilting thing and I love modern piecing and quilting and experimenting with new ideas. I’d love to see your creations and can’t wait to get your masterpiece back to you!


HI!!! I’m Dolce! The namesake and mascot of Bella Dolce Textiles! I like to lay around the house, grumble for walks and keep the girls company. They spend a lot of time messing around with fabric and some really neat things come out of the workshop! I just bide my time, waiting for scratches and … Continue reading Dolce!