How to Prepare Your Quilt for Quilting

  1. Check seams for security, press seams and trim stray threads so that they do not show through the fabric.
  2. Please make sure your quilt top and backing have been pressed before you send them in. There will be a $25 charge for pressing.
  3. Make sure your backing is 5″ larger than your top on all sides. – For example, if your quilt is 40″x 60″ the backing would be 50″ x 70″.
  4. Make sure your top and backing are as square as they can be.
  5. If your backing has seams, please make sure they are 1/2″ and pressed.
  6. Please mark the top of the quilt and backing. This is especially important if your quilt or backing is directional.
  7. Pin your name and phone number to your quilt top and backing.
  8. Do not pin or baste your quilt.
  9. Do not embellish your quilt until the quilting is complete.


  • When piecing backing, seams that run parallel to the top and bottom edges keep the quilt consistent on the machine. If the direction of your piecing is not integral to the design of your quilt backing, keep this in mind. If you would rather your backing had vertical piecing just notate it!
  • Wavy borders can be avoided by making sure that your quilt top is squared up!