To Baste or Not To Baste?

The process of quilting is not quick or simple, even if you’re using a computerized system. There are thousands of tricks to learn so that you can really put your machine through its paces. But the basics always apply. Every quilter has their own rules, but here at Bella Dolce one of the steps we find extremely important is basting!

Some quilters will tell you they don’t baste, they like to float their tops, and boy, in our workshop I know we would love to feel that confidant! One of the things that is so important in quilting is making sure that your top is square. That’s where basting becomes our best friend. Not only will it help keep your quilt top from shifting while the machine head goes flying back and forth across the frame, but it helps to square up all those little imperfections that come from piecing. I know all of your quilts are perfect, but sometimes mine need a little help. 😉

Our top notch quilter, Mari, has gotten really good at basting. She claims that this is like being really good at clipping your toenails, but I beg to differ. Mardeen and I just finished a double wedding ring quilt top with scalloped edges. As soon as Mari offered to baste it we jumped at the chance. We knew she’d make it as square as possible and that it would be way easier and faster to get it quilted. She took her time and the basting was invaluable! So, thanks Mari!

I always want to get right to the quilting, but the more work I do, the more I realize that basting, while not super interesting, makes quilting go a lot more smoothly.

Busy Bees!

Now that we’re up and running, our workshop is full of activity! From making bags and children’s clothes to piecing and of course longarm quilting we have become busy little bees! This week we have three quilts off of the machine and here are some pictures that show some great quilting complementing fantastic piecing! Great job ladies!

Before quilting, these tops already look beautiful!

In process, we send options for thread colors to the creators and then get those tops on the frame!

And finally, finished and ready to go home and get bound! Dragonflies are a popular choice this summer so far and the little ladies who get to wrap up in these gorgeous quilts are going to love them!

Thanks so much to Selah Chipman from Colorado Springs and Cheri Frank from Littleton for their business and letting us share their beautiful quilts with you!